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  • Clinical Supervision in Virginia

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    Clinical Supervision for LPC Residents

    We offer comprehensive education and training programs for aspiring counselors in training. Through skill development workshops and seminars, we equip individuals with the essential tools and knowledge needed to excel in the counseling profession. Our focus is on fostering professional growth and enhancing the competence of future mental health practitioners. Clinical supervision for therapists is a vital component of professional development and ongoing support in the field of mental health. Clinical supervision serves multiple purposes, including enhancing the quality of client care, promoting ethical practice, and fostering the growth and competence of therapists. Through regular supervision sessions, therapists have the opportunity to reflect on their clinical work, explore challenging cases, and receive valuable feedback and guidance from their supervisor.This professional development contributes to the growth and effectiveness of mental health providers, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the needs of their clients. Our clinical supervision services are led by experienced and board-approved clinical supervisors, including our founder, Ebony Wright, who possesses over a decade of experience in the mental health field. Our supervisors are passionate about mentoring and guiding emerging therapists on their professional journey.

    Supervision as defined by the Virginia Department of Health Professions is “an ongoing process performed by a supervisor who monitors the performance of the person supervised and provides regular, documented, individual, or group consultation, guidance and instruction that is specific to the clinical counseling services being performed with respect to the clinical skills and competencies of the person supervised.”

    Supervision is provided 1-4 hours weekly, per 40 hours worked and will explore & highlight the following areas:

    a. Assessment and Diagnosis using Psychotherapy Techniques

    b. Appraisal, Evaluation, & Diagnostic Procedures

    c. Treatment Planning & Implementation

    d. Case Management and Record Keeping

    e. Professional Counselor Identity & Function

    f. Professional Ethics & Standards of Practice

    GET HELP WITH THE COSTS OF SUPERVISION Through the state initiative to get more counselors licensed!


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