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  • Coping Counts Program

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    Coping Counts Program

    Coping Counts is an innovative and comprehensive whole-group psychoeducational program meticulously designed to prioritize the foundational principles of social-emotional development, primarily in preschool aged children. It serves as a pivotal catalyst for promoting  mental wellness and fostering the cultivation of emotional intelligence and exposure to healthy coping. 

    This professionally crafted program employs evidence-based strategies and curriculum to provide a structured framework that instills essential coping skills and emotional resilience. By leveraging age-appropriate interventions and interactive methodologies, Coping Counts effectively equips young children with the tools necessary to navigate and thrive in their social and emotional worlds.

    Through its rigorous focus on psychoeducation, Coping Counts empowers children to develop a strong foundation of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal skills. By addressing critical aspects of mental well-being at an early stage, this program lays the groundwork for lifelong emotional intelligence and resilience. Activities are geared to be interactive, hands on, and fun! 

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